The holding that will be named J’info Tours HRG will bring the travel agency J’info Tours, staff training company J’info Training, event planner and call center J’info Event, J’info Management Invest – company responsible for financial investments, including the acquisition of assets in the travel industry, J’info Online – online marketing company, J’info Hospitality – administration of the lodging units under J’info management and J’info Transporturi Rutiere – in charge of the car fleet under one roof.

“For 2010, I estimate an aggregate turnover of €25-30 million for all the seven companies. Three of them - the travel agency, J’info Training and J’info Invest - are already into operation”, said Aurel Pavel (photo), chairman of J’info Tours.

As for the travel agency J’info Tours, Pavel expects the turnover to stay in last year’s range. “It is still too early to make predictions, but I think the turnover will come in between €15 and 17 million. For the time being, even if the consumers are tightening their purse strings, they are waiting to see what’s happening at a macroeconomic level”, he added.

For this summer, the travel agency will operate two charter flights to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and to Turkey. “We had two charters last year, the third being to Greece. Holidaymakers are now shifting to coach travel for more proximate destinations, the fares being much more affordable”, Pavel pointed out.

J’info Tours was established in May 1990 and was one of the first travel agencies in Romania and employs around 60.