, the compressed solution of a Dutch start-up is both a community of persons passionate of design, a service provider for companies and a webshop. To Maxim Schram, the website is a bridge between products manufacturers and their users, two entities that scarcely interact.

Schram’s business was included in Design Academy of Eindhoven, where the Dutch taught Interactive Design classes “This means you analyze a product’s design not only for the way it looks, but for the interaction the user will have with the product,” Schram said in an interview for Wall-Street, occasioned by Webstock event.

In the purpose of making students better acknowledge the importance of a product designed to be user friendly – rule applicable in case of products of frequent use - Schram set up a website where students could upload photos and videos with stiff design and then to come up with creative solutions. has become a virtual “storage room” of stiffed-keypad remote controls, of complicated machines in computerized parking pay stations and of electronics that cannot be used without its instruction guides. The project in the university has drawn attention of the media, and of companies.

“Companies heard about the program, considered it interesting and said “Now, this website is User Generated. Can we make it Company Generated? We upload product and ask for feedback from clients”. Schram thought the idea was bright, and changed the domain from .org (reserved to non-profit organizations) into .com and worked hard in finding a way of tolling companies and to reward the communities. was launched in January this year and works as follows: companies upload a product – that is already on the market and needs upgrade or products that have not been launched yet and users post comments to its design, and come up with a new version which is uploaded. For each product redesigned, the users get a virtual amount of money –RDMs - that can be used to buy real products from webshop.

The website already has 4-6,000 users in average daily traffic ranking and 700-active members community. More than half of them are professional designers or students.

Schram targets both professional and common users, saying this is the only way to get a complex approach over a product’s design.

For the moment, most of companies’ incomes are reinvested in promotion, the rest being allotted to website development. The company is still on the red, because Schram must pay monthly installments for the loan contracted to launch the webpage.

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