“As for own business, our expectations are not very optimistic, but not pessimistic either. Arctic is undergoing the normal trend at a certain extent. As it is a local producer, Arctic is not depending so much on the leu/euro exchange rate. At this point, we have no plan to modify prices,” said Monica Iovaroski (photo).

She added that in the context of financial crisis that led to a meltdown of the national currency, importers would be the one to dictate the further evolution of prices, as they are the most affected by the changes in macroeconomic climate, and from the standpoint of a producer, Arctic would not experience the effects of these changes too much.

Arctic launched on Wednesday “Arctic Expert Line”, call-center like assistance platform, the annual operating costs on communication operations being estimated at nearly 50,000 euros, Dan Radu, service manager at Arctic stated for Wall-Street.

The call-center service is part of “Arctic. For you” program, a platform of additional services for consumers and business partners. This way, clients will be informed on the products’ specifications, acquisition location, price, service or guarantee.

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“At present, our team accounts for 20 persons, and 4 of them will be in charged with the call-center service. The call-center office is located in Gaiesti,” Dan Radu added.

Furthermore, the program also includes an online platform for the dealers of the company, where they can find out information on products, communication campaigns and Arctic’s promotions.

Clients who wish to appeal to phone assistance service, the company puts on their disposal phone numbers in Romtelecom, Orange and Vodafone networks, and an e-mail address available on Arctic’s webpage.

Translated by Camelia Oancea