Photography, at the garbled borderline between art and commercial

Alex Galmeanu is probably one of the most noted fashion and portrait photographers in Romania, offering assignment work for editorial needs for various publications, such as Esquire, Elle, Readers Digest, Cosmopolitan, FHM, or Tabu, as well as for commercial use, for Orange, Audi, AIG and Samsung. The photographer, famous for his ledgerdemain in crafting professional photos, by combining the magic of quality imagery with commercial aspect and characteristics is now revealing the secrets of a job that morphed into art.

Art of photography: Tradition in Galmeanu family

The passion for the art nests for almost 90 years in his family. So, the energy and desires to pursue the art of photography came naturally for the artist, even if his father or brother did not commit to a photography career, and it remained a mere hobby to them. His uncle, Apostol Galmeanu had one of the few photography workshops in Bucharest, in the early 1920’s.

For Alexandru Galmeanu, the story in the fascinating world of photography began in 1993, although he works as professional photographer since 1998, and opened his own photography workshop. The success didn’t come in one night; it gained popularity in the last four-five years.

“I didn’t have an initial amount to invest. I already had the equipment; I bought them throughout the years, as I was earning some money. At one point, all I needed was space, and the costs summed up to fitting and rent”, Alex Galmeanu remembers (photo – self-portrait).

For those who want to embrace a career in this field and to open their own workshops, the investment would raise to 10,000 and 100,000 euros, with the possibility of buying equipments for all ranges of budgets.

“However, at a too-low amount, your equipments will be a little less than necessary, and most of the equipments will be second hand or their quality will be questionable”.

I tend to admire photographs rather than their authors

Alex Galmeanu says he had no role model in the art of photography, an artist whose works to admire. In fact he can’t even remember a favorite photograph.

“I am inclined to admire photographs more than their authors. Either way, it is hard to pick only one picture”.

This applies when it comes to his own works as well, so he doesn’t have a favorite photograph. Of his entire career, he managed to extract a portfolio of 100 photographs that he is really proud of, being aware of the fact that the viewer tends to interpret things based on his own personal experiences, based on the way he lived his life, based on the things that impressed him at some point.

“I see very often surprising interpretations of the photos I take. Sometimes it is frustrating, but most of the times, it is quite amusing. Now I think it is natural. Things are not the way they are, but the way people see them”.

Generally, he doesn’t sell separate photos, but photo sessions, and their price may reach few thousand euros. All in all, “it is not a big business”, he said, but a job that provides you a more-than-decent living.

“In return, it is satisfying and rewarding, respected and very fascinating” said Alex Galmeanu.

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