C. Francu: “You pay for a piece of paradise”

Luxury is about stand-out customer-focused services and amenities; it can be seen as a trifle or a necessity, a proof of power or arrogance. A luxury package offers to clients the warranty of a respectful treatment and a stress-free getaway from the mundane problems.

The tariffs differ according to the quality of services, number of stars, hotel chain or brand, type of the room or apartment for accommodation, facilities and amenities included, but also according to the reputation and premium features of the hotel.

“You actually pay for a piece of paradise, and of course, every client has a different view of it, fit to his style and expectations. Thus, luxury packages are often tailor-made, suiting to all budget ranges”, said Cristian Francu, CEO at Klever Travel (photo).

Furthermore, the price of a package varies according to the distance to travel. This is why, the exotic offers are very expensive, and one can even reach 2,000 euros, with at merely 1,000 euros spent on the plane ticket. If the tourist wishes to fly in Business Class, the tariff will grow twice, or even three times, up to 3,000 euros for a 24-hours flight.

“The business-class costs are much higher but if we take into consideration that overseas flights may last up to 10 hours adding other few-hours flights and stopovers, we can understand why certain clients, who can afford luxury holidays, book business class or first class seats – the comfort is very important and the money spent guarantee the comfort when you need it”, Cristian Francu added.

There are certainly more agreeable solutions than business class. The finicky clients can rent private jets. An eight-seat aircraft for Bucharest – Nice route costs up to 12,000 euros.

If the client wishes a fast and luxury flight in a private jet, from Bucharest to Nice and retour, the price can reach 35,000 euros for eight persons.

When it comes to accommodation, Cristian Francu thinks that a very expensive luxury and opulent hotel with outstanding services and amenities, doesn’t have to be the famous Burj Al Arab, known as the only 7-stars hotel in the world, where the royal suite includes sumptuous furnishings and privileges, private elevator, private cinema, and cutting edge electronic devices. He recommends other unique luxury suites at few thousand euros a night, but in Europe, such as presidential suite at Hilton de Crillon, Paris, or the presidential suite at Adlon Kempinski, Berlin.

“As opposed to expectations, we must not seek the most expensive destinations to the edge of the world. In Europe only, we have Monte Carlo, Port Cervo, or Sardine as luxury destinations, where a five-star hotel room can reach 2,500 euros a night in the peak of the season”, said Sorin Vaduvoiu, Executive Manager at Perfect Tour.

Other luxurious destinations are Seychelles islands, Mauritius, Tahiti, French Polynesia, or Bora Bora.

Cruises: unique category of luxury travel

Nowadays, the luxury sidled on the board of cruise liners and morphed them from old and crammed ships, into ocean-going resorts. Moreover, passengers wake up every morning in a different location; they enjoy the specialties of the most refined cuisines at breakfast, lunch and dinner and the five-star services throughout the entire day.

Adventurers can book a cruise on a luxury ocean liner, a floating palace with five-star stateroom, restaurants, casinos, night clubs, pools, fitness, top spa, tennis courts and a carefully coordinated itinerary.

The cruise fare depends on the type of the ship, itinerary and the type of the stateroom. The lowest priced stateroom has no window, as it is practically in the heart of the ship. There are mini-suites that have portholes – round windows in the side of the ship, or even special staterooms with balcony.

One of the most expensive cruise is the cruise around the world, on the board of Princess ship. Thus, you can spend 104 days around the world, decking in over 50 ports of call, such as Bora Bora, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Sydney. The Down Princess ship leaves from Sidney in 2009. The tariff for an interior stateroom can reach 28,000 euros. The services are all inclusive throughout the cruise. The tariff for the stateroom with porthole is 38,000 euros.