In early trades, the liquidity of the BSE’s regulated market was taking a mild bullish trend, rising up to 938,911 lei (218,625 euros), compared to yesterday’s trading debut, when the liquidity stood at 722,700 lei (168,100 euros).

BET index that gauges the performance of ten most liquid companies listed at BSE, rose 2.77% up to 1,960 points, while composite BET-C climbed 2.26%, up to 1,268.16 points.

BET-FI index, that scales the performance of the five financial investment companies, gained 2.76% up to 8,707.17 points, and Vienna’s ROTX increased by 2.77% up to 3,549.52 points.

BET-XT benchmark of the 25 most liquid stocks jumped 2.86% up to 182.59 points, and BET-NG index that reflects the evolution of ten companies in the energy field at BSE rose 2.61% up to 306.18 points.