January was the first month since August last year when producer prices grew over the month before after the September-December period was marked by drops.

Producer prices on the local market inched 1.1 percent over December and those on the external market added 3.9 percent, INS announced.

The biggest price increases were seen in the water distribution system, waste management (2.99 percent) and in the processing industry (2.14 percent). Also, prices in the electricity, thermal power, gas, water industries rose 1.18 percent and those in the extractive industry climbed 0.33 percent in January over the month before.

The capital goods industry saw a 2.4 percent advance in producer prices month-on-month in January, the power industry witnessed 2.3 percent higher prices, the current goods one a 1.7 percent hike and the intermediary goods industry a 1.5 percent increase. Yet, producer prices for the long-term goods industry slipped 0.3 percent.

Over the same month of 2008 producer prices in the electricity, thermal power, water, gas waste management industries nudged up 8.14 percent and those in the processing industry grew by 7.54 percent.