Intesa San Paolo Bank’s offer under “First Home” program is designed to all natural persons aged between 18 and 70. The loan is available both in lei and euro with a maximum period of 30 years.

The interest rate for loans in euro is set at three-month Euribor plus 3.97% and afferent fees. The annual percentage rate estimated for loans in euro is 5.62%, according to the press release issued by the bank.

For loans in lei, the interest rate is set at three-month Robor plus 2.47 percentage points and the afferent fees charged by the bank. The annual percentage rate for loans in lei is 14.01%.

One of the characteristics of the loan offered by Intesa San Paolo Bank under “First Home” scheme is the indebtedness level of 62%, while the maximum ceiling of the bank is up to 95% of the home value.

Apart from the loans under “First Home”, Intesa San Paolo offers mortgage loans in euro at an interest rate for July of 8.01% (APR: 8.54%), and in lei at an interest of 13.68% (APR: 14.91%)