Mazda will present at Frankfurt Motor Show a new take on its roadster Mazda MX-5 Superlight and its CX-7 facelift SUV.
MX-5 Superlight, designed at Mazda’s studio in Oberursel, Germany, weighs in below 1,000 kg, improving driving performances, handling, fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

The Superlight features carbonfiber bucket seats with leather upholstery on the steering wheel, gearshift lever and brake lever. The dashboard and center console features fiberglass and carbonfiber.

MX-5 Superlight is powered by a 1.8liter four-cylinder engine, same as in the standard version. The exhaust system has been upgraded which allows the engine to deliver a sportier sound.

Mazda CX-facelift

CX-7 facelift features in premiere, the most powerful diesel engine from Mazda. The 2.2liter turbo diesel puts out 173 HP and 400Nm torque at 7.5liter/100km fuel consumption.

Mazda CX-7 facelift features redesigned chrome bar on the tailgate handle and new rear roof spoilers. The center console comes with a navigation system, new steering wheel, blackout meters and blue-ring illumination and new components.

The new bumbers and shell reinforcement increase the torsional rigidity for further improvement in handling. New safety elements have been added, such as rear vehicle monitoring system (RVM) and emergency stop signal (ESS).