The partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and Hewlett-Packard involves more than the transfer of 1,022 workers. The two companies signed a ten-year partnership to develop and market communication and computing products.

At the end of last week, world’s largest landline telecom company said it would lay off 564 in Romania, under the restructuring plan that involves a workforce cut by 26,000 European wide.

“Globally, only one partnership has been signed, with HP. We are holding talks with several partners, but until the completion of these agreements, we can’t say anything for sure”, said Iulian Costea, marketing director South-East Europe Alcatel-Lucent.

As other similar agreements will be concluded, the aspect of outsourcing will be covered. Alcatel-Lucent said that for the time being 20 workers have been transferred to H-P.