Industrial new orders fell 19.3% in September

New orders in industry fell 19.3% in September from year-ago period, but picked up when compared to August, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics.

September is thus the tenth successive month of year-on-year decline in new orders, after dropping 9% in December, 34.5% in January, 15.9% in February, 15.6% in March, 24.2% in April, 19.1% in May, 16.2% in June, 20.9% in July and 19.6% in August.

The latest month of year-on-year growth was November 2008, when new orders in industry advanced by 2.7%.

In September, new orders for intermediate goods fell 24.9%, for non-durable consumer goods dropped 19%, for capital goods decreased by 15.7% while new orders for durable consumer goods fell 0.8%.

Compared to August, industrial new orders increased by 31.3% in September.

Broken down to industrial groups, new orders increased almost across the board. Intermediate goods increased 38%, capital goods edged up 32.2%, non-durable consumer goods by 17%, and durable consumer goods by 10.7%.

Year-to-date, industrial new orders fell 20.6%, following declines in almost all sectors of activity.

New orders for intermediate goods dropped 39.2%, durable goods fell 19.2%, non-durable goods decreased by 11.6% while capital goods by 1.7%.

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