The official exchange rate posted on Wednesday by the National Bank of Romania stood at 4.2811 lei/euro, the lowest since October 9. Tuesday’s official rate stood at 4.2928lei/euro.

The local currency advanced markedly versus euro in the morning, from 4.2990/euro to 4.2750/euro, after which it traded within a narrow range. At 15:00 banks were buying a euro with 4.2759 lei and selling it for 4.2849lei.

In the region the Polish zloty fell from 4.0840 to 4.1030/euro, followed by a mild increase to 4.0940 while forint dropped to 256.6/euro in mid-session after growing from 265.75 to 264.7/euro.

Against the US dollar, NBR posted an official exchange rate fell around 0.56% to 2.8650lei/dollar from Tuesday’s 2.8811lei/dollar.