The shortest term in pharmaceuticals production: Dragos Damian leaves Actavis

Dragos Damian, who had been appointed Actavis head this summer, after resigning from Zentiva Romania, stepped down in order to pursue other career opportunities

"Dragos Damian’s (photo) contract came to an end on November 18, and management is now handled by the current staff, headed by HR director Alina Culcea", Actavis officials said. The former Actavis Romania general director was not available for more details.

Iceland-based pharmaceuticals producer Actavis had appointed Dragos Damian head of its local division on August 3. "This is a decision that matches my plans to develop as a manager in the pharmaceuticals sector, working with a company involved in industrial operations (drugmaker Sindan)", Dragos Damian told Wall-Street at the time of his appointment. Damian’s tasks consisted in developing and coordinating all Actavis commercial operations in Romania, in close collaboration with the group’s production arm, Sindan Pharma.

Dragos Damian, 42, graduated the Cluj School of Medicine. Damian has been working in the Romanian pharmaceuticals industry since 1994, when he landed a job with Roche, where he rose to the position of medical manager. During 1999- 2004 he headed the local representative office of Menarini/Berlin Chemie. He then started his rise in the top management of the Romanian pharmaceuticals industry.

Actavis is an international company specializing in development, production and sale of generic drugs. Its central headquarters are based in Iceland, and the company has operations in 40 countries, with a total of 10,000 employees. In 2006, the Actavis group took over Sindan, the leader in the development, production and sale of generic oncology drugs on the Romanian market, set up by Dan Stoicescu.

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