In November 2009, according to preliminary data of the statistics bureau, exports totaled 11.764 billion lei (€2.742 billion) and imports dropped to 15.212 billion lei (€3.546 billion).

Compared to the same period of last year, the leu value of exports rose 21.9% (6.7% when expressed in euro), while the leu value of imports fell 6.7% (18.4% when expressed in euro).

Compared to a month earlier, exports rose 0.8% when expressed in lei (0.4% in euro), while imports decreased 2.0% in lei (2.5% in euro).

Romania’s trade gap in November 2009 narrowed to 3.448 billion lei (€804 million), 3.194 bln lei (€973.3 bln) below year-ago level.

In the 11month period through November 2009, exports stood at 113.178 bln lei (€26.688 bln) while imports totaled 150.03 bln lei (€35.384 bln).

The country’s trade gap for Jan-Nov period was 36.851 billion lei (€8.696 bln), 43.352 bln lei (€13.250 bln) or 54.05% lower than year-ago period, according to data provided by the NIS.