“I expect the IT sector to grow ten times more than Gross Domestic Product. If the GDP will increase by 1%, the tech sector will grow by 10%, and at a 0.5% advance in GDP, the sector will grow 5%”, said Tatomir.

The representative of Microsoft Romania stressed he expected companies to raise their IT&C spending in 2010. “In 2009, many companies took a step backwards in terms of investments, so we expect them to let off brakes and raise their IT spend this year”, Tatomir added.

As for the performance of Microsoft Romania business, Tatomir said the company posted its first year-on-year increase in revenues in December 2009, predicting a minimum 10% growth in revenues at the end of US fiscal year.

“Early second half, in July, August, Microsoft Romania was suffering a marked decline, which we’re still trying to offset. We think that a 10% growth in the second half of the fiscal year is very likely. Either way, Microsoft Romania will surely outperform other subsidiaries of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe”, chief executive of Microsoft Romania said.