“Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione has signed a preliminary agreement for the purchase of the remaining 10% Win Magazine S.A.’s share capital from Investitori & Partner Immobiliar S.p.A. IGD, through its subsidiary Larice S.R.L already controls 90% of Win Magazine”, the real estate company said.

The deal, estimated at €21 million, will fetch IGD Winmarkt’s full property portfolio that includes 15 shopping centers and an office building in Ploiesti.

Two years ago, Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione paid €182.5 million to NCH Advisors, administrator of U.S. Broadhurst fund’s operations in Romania, to takeover the 15-units Winmarkt chain and a commercial real estate that was up for lease.

In March, Winmarkt and German retailer dm drogerie markt signed a ten-year agreement for the leasing of 350 sqm in Somes shopping center in Cluj-Napoca.

IGD’s property portfolio in Italy and Romania was valued at €1.7 billion at the end of last year.