“We offer our clients the possibility to borrow money to invest in shares by using their share portfolio as security for the loan. The maximum amount to borrow is 50% of the client’s blue chip value in their open account at Fairwind Securities S.A. Through Fairwind Securities’ margin lending facilities, clients can buy stocks of any company listed on the local market”, said Corina Palanciuc, deputy managing director at Fairwind Securities.

Blue chips considered when granting the loans are: financial investment companies (BSE:SIF), BRD Groupe Societe Generale (BSE:BRD), Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV), OMV Petrom (BSE:SNP), Erste Bank (BSE:EBS), and SNTGN Transgaz (BSE:TGN).

Loans will be available in lei only, at a monthly interest rate of 1.67%, and applications will be analyzed on case-by-case basis.