The statistics of INS shows that the volume of construction activities rose 32.9% in January 1 – September 30 2008, compared to last year in terms of non-residential buildings, 31.4% growth for residential buildings and 30.1% growth for heavy and civil engineering constructions.

As for specialty trade contractors, the components marked significant growths: maintenance works and current repairs (+31%), new construction works (+31.1%) and capital repairs (+30.6%).

As for the volume of construction activities in September 2008, compared to previous month, it climbed 8.5%, on almost all construction components: heavy and civil engineering construction (+7.8%), non-residential buildings (+3.6%) and residential buildings (+18.3%).

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In terms of specialty trade grew as follows: maintenance works and repair activities (17.3%), capital repair works (+10.1%) and construction of new buildings (+4.9%)

Translated by Camelia Oancea