Romania's medium and long-term external debt rose 27.7%

Romania reported at the end of October a medium and long-term external debt of nearly 49.1 billion euros, 27.7% more compared to end-2007 due to the non-publicly guaranteed external debt, National Bank of Romania reported.

At the end of 2007, the medium and long-term external debt was 38.45 billion euros, according to data revised upwards by the central bank from a month earlier, when it had estimated the yearend external debt at 38.43 billion euros.

The non-publicly guaranteed external debt amounted to 32.4 billion euros in October 31, 2008, up 29.5% versus previous end-year results.

The public and publicly guaranteed external debt was at 10.75 billion euros in late October, accounting for 21.9% of medium and long-term external debt against 26.5% at the end of 2007.

Meanwhile, the direct public debt rose 8.8% in January-October interval to 8.9 billion euros from 8.18 billion euros.

In return, the publicly guaranteed debt dropped by 169 million euros at the end of October, compared with a year ago, down to 1.85 billion euros, namely 1.815 billion euros for the public sector and 34 million euros for the private sector.

The external debt service stood at 8.48 billion euros in the first ten months of this year, while the non-publicly guaranteed debt amounted to 6.3 billion euros.

Medium and long-term deposits of non-residents rose 84.4% in January-October interval this year up to 5.94 billion euros.

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