Dacia car maker sales hit the brakes

Dacia’s sales sank 72.2% in first two months of the year, from a year-ago period, while the sales of imported cars plunged 56.5%, according to data released on Monday by Romanian Association of Car Producers and Importers.

According to the cited source, Dacia sold in January-February 2009 some 3,947 cars, 10,243 units less than a year earlier. In February 2009, Dacia sold 2,302 units, down 70.3% from February 2008.

Nevertheless, Dacia keeps the leading position in the local auto industry, with a 25.3% market share in February and 24.4% in January-February 2009.

The production of cars, commercial vehicles and buses slumped 43.6% in the first two months of the year. The car production fell 46.1%. Thus, the manufacturer released 24,936 cars, 21,291 units less than prior-year period.

The sale of imported cars in January-February interval stood at 12,243 units, down 56.5% from 28.173 a year earlier. In February 2009, the sales fell 54.5%, from 14,890units sold in February last year, down to 6,780.

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