The cooperation with US is vital to economic recovery, PM says

Prime Minister Emil Boc said the cooperation with United States was a vital peg in bringing a sustainable and sound economic recovery in Romania.
“The two governments are joining forces to revive recession-hit economies. I would like to reaffirm the joint commitment of pursuing the required measures to stimulate the Romanian-American business environment”, said Emil Boc.

The prime minister thanked to American investors who continued doing business in Romania even after recession had taken hold. “To Romania, this cooperation is vital to a sustainable and sound economic recovery. I thank American investors who didn’t pull out and consolidated their operations in Romania, proving they stand by Romanians in good times as well as in bad times”, the head of the government outlined.

Boc also referred to the military cooperation. “Our military and political relations are solid given our joint efforts in the theaters of military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. We share the same determination in securing the euro-Atlantic space and have the same confidence in the economic and democratic potential of the Eastern Europe and Black Sea region”, said Boc.

“We and our American friends have a strong partnership consolidated through our joint efforts in dealing with the challenges of global security”, he added.

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