Xerox’s last year profit stood at 3.4 million euros and in 2007 – one million euros, for its Equipment and Services division.

Xerox is operating in Romania through three different local and international entities, reporting on a yearly basis its consolidated results by aggregating the performance of all its three branches, under the company’s internal regulation. Only one of the three entities is registered in Romania and reports the financial results under IFRS standards and local legislation – equipment and service division. The remaining two entities assimilate the operations of more countries, serving regional purposes.

Last year, Xerox Romania and Moldova recorded an aggregated turnover of 72 million dollars (49.3 million euros).

Clear skies in first half

The first-half profit growth was largely due to the increase in services value and operating cost cut.

“Unfortunately, we can’t provide a partial sales value, but a total number that will be released at the end of 2009. As for the number of printers sold in first half this year, the official data are collected at the end of each year and released for publication early next year”, Miruna Constantinescu, marketing manager Xerox Romania and Moldova, told Wall-Street.

The current economic context has led to a revision of companies’ strategies and individual users so as to significantly cut costs, put off investment plans in office products or to find new financial solutions – renting the products or outsourcing services.