The reserves amounted to 28.40 billion euros in October.

Last month, MFP collected 2.2 billion euros from the market through two foreign currency bond emissions, maturing in three years, respectively one year, NewsIn states.

Inflows totaled 2.69 billion euros in November, stemming from the modification of banks' minimum mandatory foreign currency reserves, fueling the accounts of Romania's Public Finance Ministry, incomes from administering international reserves and others.

Outflows of 2.358 billion euros were generated by the change of the minimum foreign currency reserves required by credit institutions, installments and interest payments for the public debt, but also payments from the account of the European Commission.

Romania's international reserves – foreign currency and gold – rose 1.91 percent in November to 31.33 billion euros, from 30.74 billion euros at the end of October.

The gold reserve idled at 103.7 tons, but the evolution of international prices increased its value by 11 percent to 2.59 billion euros, from 2.34 billion euros in the previous month.