OPCOM is the Electricity Futures Operator in Romania and serves as administrator of electricity market, by providing a framework for commodity transactions in the electricity market.

In line with the 2009-12 government plan, the Executive will put in place a national program to raise public awareness on consumers’ rights.

Another key point in the government’s plan is to “increase institutional authority of ANRE and boost transparency in the operation of the institution”, increase natural gas storage capacity to an optimum level, and to create an investment fund by aggregating state’s interests in commercial companies, to fund projects of national significance.

The new program is also a guideline for preventing and managing potential energy crisis, with enhanced focus on the import of energy materials, aimed at developing infrastructure, and securing strategic internal stocks, interconnections and cooperation with regional energy systems and establishing clear procedures to follow in case of disruption of supplies, and promoting an active involvement to the EU mechanism of regional cooperation in case of energy crisis.

The Government plans to stick to the reorganization project for the state-owned energy companies, by setting up two large companies aimed at boosting competition in the sector.

Other projects will remain on the Government’s agenda in the coming term, such as the undersea interconnection cable between Romania and Turkey, a new hydro power plant on the Danube and a second nuclear power plant.