Chevrolet is the seventh best-selling car brand in Romania, with sales down 2% from the same period of 2009.

After a tumultuous 2009 that brought major changes for General Motors, the year 2010 kicked off with strong sales in the car maker’s biggest markets.

In the list of best-selling car brands in the world in the first quarter, Chevrolet stands on fourth, with over 961,000 units sold and a market share of 5.38%.

In Latin America, Chevrolet remains the leading car manufacturer with 15.25% market share. In North America, Chevrolet sold over 400,000 vehicles, 32% up from year-ago period.

Chevrolet’s performance in Asia was equally high in the five-month period into May, with 142% growth in sales.

Chevrolet is General Motors’ flagship brand, with annual sales of 4.5 million in over 130 countries.