Banca Romaneasca begins activity to clearing settlement system at Central Depository

Banca Romaneasca, member of National Bank of Greece started today its activity as participant to the clearing settlement and registry system - custodian agent at Central Depository.

The admittance of Banca Romaneasca into RoClear system was approved by Central Depository board of governors on December 18, 2008. Until today, Banca Romaneasca held the quality of clearing participant to Central Depository system.

Thus, the number of clearing participants to Central Depository’s system reached 17.

On January 12, the board of the institution approved the admittance of Libra Bank to clearing-settlement and RoClear registry system.

Central Depository started activity on January 3, according to the RNSC decision, as single provider of registry services with securities, traded on regulated markets.

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