IKEA Romaniaĺs sales pass the 100-million euro mark

IKEA home product retailer reported total sales of 104.7 million euros throughout the year 2008, and over 3 million visitors last year.

The most prolific month in terms of sales was September, after the delivery of the new catalogue: 9.4 million euros, with over 275,000 visitors.

The furniture products accounted for roughly 60% of the sales of IKEA store located in Baneasa in the year ending in December 31 2008, while the sale of accessories and home decorations accounted for 40% of the group’s annual sales.

The best sold furniture products were PAX wardrobes, with over 27,600 units sold, FAKTUM kitchen cabinets, with over 20,300 units sold, BIILLY modular bookcase systems with over 19,900 units, and products within KLIPPAN array (sofas, footstools, chairs), with over 2,500 units sold.

As for interior decorations and accessories, 239,400 SPARSAM energy-saving light bulbs were sold, 183,000 MYSA and GOSA pillows and comforters, and 136,700 IKEA 365+ items.

Some 44,600 kids spent their time at the play area inside IKEA store under the supervision of IKEA staff.

Most of the visitors went to the restaurant in the heart of the IKEA store last year. The Swedish meatballs were on top of client’s favorites last year too, with 2.3 million served, 1,400,000 hotdogs and 246,000 Almondy cookies.

IKEA Romania will keep its objectives for 2009. “We expect the consumers to be more exigent in terms of price/quality ratio, and to reassess their families’ spending with more consideration and on a longer term”, said Cornel Oprisan.

IKEA Romania is a franchise-based subsidiary. The franchisee for IKEA brand in Romania is Altrom group, owned by Radu Dimofte and Gabriel Popovici.

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