200,000-euro investment in the first grill store in Bucharest

JO Group, the sole official importer of Weber Stephen grills, invested 200,000 euros in the first grill store in Bucharest.

Initially, the store was online only, GrillShop.ro, exclusively dedicated to this hobby. Earlier this year, shortly after the launch, the store had orders worth nearly 50,000 euros.

For 2009, GrillShop.ro expects the turnover to amount to nearly 175,000 euros.

“In a time when economic crisis impacts an increasing number of business fields, Romanians still use grill in their free time, same as they always did”, said Valentin Enescu, owner of JO Group.

Clients can pick their favorite model in store, or opt for delivery. For any type of barbecue grill, they are shipped within 48 hours, the delivery being free of charge for orders in Bucharest, as well as the installation of the grills.

After a round of talks with the leading manufacturer of barbecue grills in USA – Weber Stephen, the producer decided to focus on Romanian market through JO Group.

Through JO Group, Weber started the delivery of grills in Romania in several DIY stores and hypermarkets. Later on, the on-line shop GrillShop.ro was launched, and in June the first store dedicated to barbecue grills opened doors in Bucharest.

For the following two years, JO Group plans to open three new stores in the capital and across the country. JO Group is also the sole importer of Zumex in Romania.

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