Industrial production in the euro area fell 11.1% in October year-on-year.

In October, factory output fell in all Member States for which data are available, except Ireland and Poland, where production grew 2% and 1% year-on-year respectively.

After Romania, the smallest decreases in factory output were observed in Portugal – 5.2%, and the Netherlands - 6.1%. The largest decreases were registered in Estonia – 20.9%, Finland – 19.1% and Slovenia – 18.4%.

On a monthly basis, Romania’s industrial production rose 0.3%, while the EU registered a 0.7% decline. In the euro area, factory output dropped 0.6%.

Nine EU Member States registered increases on a monthly basis. Estonia registered stagnation in industrial production. The biggest increases month-on-month were observed in Finland (+2.2%) and Bulgaria (+2.1%). The largest decreases were registered in Slovenia (-3.2%), Ireland (-2.8%) and Germany (-1.8%).