Last year the company delivered 23,887 cars, out of which 20,070 auto vehicles, making for a 10.86 percent market share and 3,817 utilitarian vehicles, answering for a 10.69 market share.

The best sold models were the Polo GP, with 4,327 units, the Golf A5 with 4.194 units and the Passat Lim B6 with 3.184 units. The commercial vehicles branch reported a 2.9 percent year-on-year increase with 3,817 cars sold. The best sold commercial vehicle was Crafter, with 1,318 units.

The company estimates that the Romanian auto market will recoup sometime between 2010 and 2012 and will stabilize at 350,000-400,000 cars a year.

Albulescu explained that Volkswagen does not renounce its long-termed economic growth objectives and expects the market share to rise year-on-year.

Volkswagen invested last year more than 15 million euros in its distribution network, extending it in Focsani, Alba Iulia, Targu Jiu and Bucharest. It now counts on 26 authorized distributors.