“Subsequent to testing drilling works performed in the previous years, as well as the infrastructure works at the surface (gas collection pipes), we consider beginning industrial gas production on these newly-discovered fields next year. For these fields, the production tests will indicate the potential output and the number of gas condensate wells required for long-term exploration”, Romgaz said in a release.

The gas producer added that it was too early to estimate the number of wells deployed in the new gas fields, as the test production was currently in progress.

“According to the phase of the test production and execution of research drilling, we expect 40 wells for the coming two years to determine new hydrocarbon formations. Only after year-and-a-half-long test production, we can estimate a potential output”, Romgaz said.

The company is also running a broad program focused on the rehabilitation of mature gas fields, which includes the rehabilitation of infrastructure and drilling new wells.

Romgaz is 85.01% controlled by the Ministry of Economy, the remaining equity being held by Fondul Proprietatea. Romgaz supplies a third of the country’s natural gas consumption.