Jan-May FDI inflow shrank 31.6%

Foreign direct investments in Romania dropped 31.6% in the first five months this year, from January-May 2009 to €1.433 billion, the current account deficit being 50% covered from non-residents’ direct investments in Romania.
In January-May 2009, foreign direct investments totaled €2.094 billion. On the other hand, in Jan-Apr period, total FDI amounted to €1.135 billion, which means Romania attracted FDI projects worth €298 million.

The National Bank of Romania said that equity stakes (including reinvested earnings) amounted to €1.205 billion – 84% of total FDI projects, and intra-group loans totaled €228 million.

In January-May 2009, equity stakes, including reinvested earnings, accounted for 59.2% of total FDI projects in Romania, or €1.24 billion and intra-group loans accounted for 40.8%, or €854 million.

In January-May 2010 the balance-of-payments current account posted a deficit of € 2.865 billion, 45.7 percent higher than in the same period of 2009, due largely to the decrease in current transfer surplus.

In 2009, foreign direct investments in Romania narrowed 48.4% from 2008, to €4.899 billion and financed 96.9% of current account deficit.

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