The largest deal in food retailing cleared by Competition Council

The Competition Council has given the green light to the takeover of Profi Rom Food, Albinuta Shops retail chains and DT Logistic by Polish Gamma Group, a fund of Polish-based venture capital firm Enterprise Investors.

Prior to the deal, the three companies were held by Duna Waiting Participation BV.

The company agreed to sell Profi Rom, Albinuta Shops and DT Logistics for €66 million, in the largest deal in food retailing in Romania.

The competition regulator said the investigation had revealed that the deal wouldn’t consolidate or establish a relevant dominant position in the market.

Even though the economic concentration is subject to Competition Council scrutiny, evidence did not indicate that the transaction is likely to reduce competition.

Enterprise Investors was established in 1990 and has seven private equity and venture capital firms under management and around €1.7 bln under custody. Between 2004 and 2007, the private equity fund PEF V invested in Artima, the largest independent supermarkets chain in Romania.

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