The main advantages arising from social media to a brand strategy are the visibility and targeted communication. By knowing the particular features of every social site, consumer behavior and tactics, companies can adjust their marketing strategies for target and general or specific objectives.

“But I wouldn’t jump on saying that IT companies know the reality behind social sites. I’ve seen social accounts created only for the sake of it. In social media, it is very easy to get caught in the trap of routine, or worse, gawkiness, and socializers are the bitterest critics of all”, said the head of Kondiment agency.

Companies, Lucian Despoiu (photo) continued, must first of all view social sites as a channel rather than as a strategy. Just creating a Facebook account is not social media.

“Organizations must also grasp the opportunities for brand communication opening up in social media. After all, your social media presence is interpreted according to the quality of your interaction and how do you stand out from the crowd. The first question is “what’s in it for me?”. If you can make a difference and bring something new, something useful and funny to the user, you’ll have the upper hand in the social media arena.”

But how can social networking sites bring clients to IT companies? Social networking sites enable users to introduce themselves, and companies to introduce their products/services accordingly, make business or social connections and share content.

Facebook is a fascinating example of mass communication tool, due to its power usage patterns and capabilities that connect online relations with the offline.

“At the root of Facebook model is the concept of bringing regionally limited communities to global interconnectedness. In fact, it was this concept the platform was based on in the first place. In his early days, the globetrotting site was only a student-oriented site focused on music and entertainment. With a thorough understanding of social networking sites and brand-centered counseling, IT companies’ investment in social media can achieve surprising results in terms of brand awareness and ROI”, said the chief executive of Kondiment.

Twitter is another effective networking tool. For example, Sony’s sales topped €1 million through Sony Vaio Twitter account. In this case, Twitter has been an efficient sales and marketing tool.

Wizrom Software is another company that considers social sites for its marketing strategies. But, as Zemy Apfelbaum (pictured left), managing director of the company, states, it depends largely upon the type of the social site.

“For the moment, I don’t see any good reason to start promoting our services on Twitter or Facebook. LinkdIn is a more business-oriented tool, and we may consider promoting our services there, even if I’ve seen many of our peers creating Twitter or Facebook accounts. If you ask me, I would rather search a client on LinkdIn, rather than Twitter or Facebook”, Wizrom’s managing director told Wall-Street.

Social networking sites’ easy-to-use interfaces enable companies to harness their communication potential and share messages efficiently. Due to the direct interaction with their target audience, opinion leaders and peers, organizations are no longer remote entities. They develop a well-defined identity, Lucian Despoiu added.