The second nuclear power plant in Romania gets overseas backing

USA, France, Korea and Canada have expressed their interest in providing the necessary technology for the second nuclear power plant in Romania, for which it hasn’t been chosen a site yet, according to the Ministry of Economy.

“All developed countries that hold third/fourth generation technology have expressed their interest in providing the necessary technology to the project (USA, France, Korea, Canada). The nuclear power plant has grabbed private investors’ interest too”, according to NewsIn.

Economy officials added that for the moment the ministry was still in the negotiation stage with the countries, a final decision on the technology that would be employed as well as the financing of the project following to be made by the Government at the MECMA proposal.

Officials added that it hadn’t been chosen a site for the plant yet.

“So far, we have analyzed the potential sites for the nuclear plant. However, we will conduct comprehensive investigations to identify the geologic and seismic characteristics of the site, such as the existence of cooling water supply and of electricity transmission infrastructure”, MECMA said.

After refining our search results to a few potential sites, there will be a period of public consultation before a decision is reached.

“The alternative sites could be made public when the public consultation is held. A site can be deemed final after the Preliminary Safety Reports are issued”, the ministry said.

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